Thank you for visiting and shopping at Home Basics. We, at Home Basics offer excellent delivery services. The following are the terms and conditions that constitute our Shipping Policy.

Shipment Processing Time.

We offer delivery for all orders Monday to Saturday within our delivery areas. A delivery fee may apply, but you'll know about it before you buy. We deliver to most areas in the GTA. Please refer to our Delivery Service page to check that you are in our delivery area.

You may request a date for delivery and we will do our best to arrange delivery on that date. However, some delivery areas have set delivery days. If we cannot deliver on your preferred day we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you need to change a delivery date or the delivery address, please contact our Customer Service Team at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery date. If you are not available to take delivery on the agreed delivery date, you will be charged a delivery fee for each additional attempt for delivery. However, if we cannot deliver your full order at the time agreed you will not be charged for additional deliveries.

If you would like next business day delivery of the product, you will need to place your order by midnight on the previous business day. The product must also be in stock and, you must be in our next day delivery area as indicated on our Delivery Service page.

Subject to this clause 4, we will deliver to the delivery address specified by you when you placed your order on the agreed delivery date.

We may deliver the products via a range of delivery methods. All deliveries must be signed for, depending upon which delivery method we use:

(a) delivery by one of our drivers - our driver will need to see a photo ID of the person who placed the order or that person's representative, and they will keep a record of that ID. If neither you nor your authorized representative is at the delivery address to take delivery, our driver will leave a notice in your letterbox or under your front door, advising you of our contact details so that you can contact us to organize another delivery day;

We cannot commit to an exact delivery time on the day of delivery. Our driver will contact you on the delivery morning, to give you a 2-hour delivery window. Then they'll contact you again approximately 30 minutes before delivery. We usually deliver during business hours, but in some selected zones we deliver as early as 8am and as late as 6pm.

By selecting our Premium Delivery Service (currently available over the phone only), you will be able to choose any predefined 2-hour delivery window between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM to receive your order. Premium Deliveries are available Monday to Friday to the Toronto Downtown area only. To be eligible for Premium Delivery, you must complete your order before the midnight cut-off time. Premium Delivery fee of $75 applies.

Delivery Guidelines.

Our staff members deliver all products to the customer's address. For all the products we deliver, we provide also the installation service. In all cases, when you select a product you can choose also the installation service. In any case, by choosing the installation service, in addition to the convenient price, you can save time and money, and most importantly avoid any surprises with product damage. All installations will take place, where possible, at the time of delivery by a trained, licensed and fully insured installer.

In cases when you choose the product installation service, if the product dimensions do not match the furniture dimensions, or if the product results in production errors in manufacturing, or any possible damage during delivery, we replace them immediately, at no extra cost.

In cases where differences in dimensions result in a change of the product type and price, we will refund the differences if the price of the new appliance is lower, or you have to pay the difference if the price is higher.

Our staff will take your delivery off for you, but in cases when you do not select our installation service, please take a few minutes to examine the exterior of your package for any visible shipping damage. You should unpack your item at the time of delivery in the presence of our staff. If the unit has visible damage, the shipment should be refused. In the unlikely instance that you recognize damages, remember to note it on the Proof of Delivery slip. By signing the proof of delivery you accept ownership of the property in its current condition.


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