Our Philosophy

At Home Basics we believe in going beyond to deliver the best customer service experience. We offer the best products sourced from the most outstanding cooking and laundry brands and the most important, we are dedicated to providing the assistance that will enable you to find the product solution absolutely matching your requirements. For about two decades we have forged an outstanding reputation that inspires thousands of loyal customers.

To us, delivery is about letting the customers know when we'll be there, planning our route to be there in time, and communicating constantly if something doesn't go to plan. It's about taking care of the customer and doing whatever we can do to get the job done perfectly! No mess, no damage, and no frustration either.

Our team is the best in the industry, because each member is personally driven to provide excellent service. Indeed, that drive is the key thing we look for in our team, as well as something we actively foster and invest in. We care about the quality of service we provide, we put our self in our customer’s shoes and thrive to live by the values and principles that our customers seek and expect. We pride ourselves in being honest with the involved delivery services by letting you know up-front the true costs. 

Most importantly, customers feel the difference. They get to experience what true care means, often when they least expect it.

Delivery Process & Delivery Times

Receiving a delivery can be a painful experience for customers. Too many customers are left dissatisfied and disgruntled. We, at Home Basics offer excellent delivery services. We contact the customer twice on the day of their delivery: once in the morning with a delivery window, and again about one hour before arrival, to ensure they stay updated and happy throughout the entire process.

We usually deliver during business hours, but we can arrange a convenient schedule for delivery and as late as 5 pm in selected zones.

Next-day & weekend deliveries

If you need it there within the day or on the weekend, we can do it. We do next-day and Saturday deliveries, as we understand time is a critical factor.

4-hour premium delivery windows

We understand many customers are exceptionally busy and don’t have the time to wait for their deliveries to arrive. To cater to this, we offer a premium, 4-hour delivery window option that ensures maximum convenience and personalisation to customers’ needs.


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