Get your appliance installed accurately how you want it. Fully qualified installation.

When it’s an appliance you’ll use every day for years to come, you want it installed accurately. It has to function perfectly, fit precisely, and look excellently. It also has to be installed safely, and with regulatory and regarding manufacturer’s guidelines, to ensure it’s safe for kids, and it doesn’t void your warranty, and it lasts as long as it should.

With Home Basics Services’ appliance installation, that’s exactly what you acquire. Our professional staff are fully qualified technicians who are specialized in appliance installation and have been doing it for about two decades. They’re perfectionists. To them, every detail counts. They plan ahead and anticipate possible problems to prevent them from occurring. They take care in everything they do, doing it right. And they clean up carefully before they leave.

Products we install and assemble:

Fridges & Freezers

Washing machines

Vented & condenced clothes dryers


Ovens & stoves



BBQ assembly & installation


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