Blomberg BRFB1051FFBI: The Good, The Bad and The Best fridge.
I know, I know, many of you have a lot of complaints regarding this little fridge, therefore let's have a better look from a technical perspective.
The Blomberg fridge  BRFB1051FFBI is installed in many buildings in the downtown area of Toronto. Having worked on this fridge on multiple occasions I personally love this appliance. The main complaint that I always get, is that the fridge is too small; Yes, for North American standards the fridge is small, however it is perfect if you are a young couple or if you live on your own. The built- in design complements downtown living spaces very well by concealing the fridge.
The fridge has a few issues that come up, which are easily repairable.
  1. E4 error code; This error displays when there is ice build up in the freezer and the appliance can not go through the defrost cycle. Ice builds up because the main drain of the freezer gets clogged, which is caused due to excessive dust or mildew. A good technician with the proper training is able to diagnose the issue and repair it definitely. 
  2. Freezer door will not close/drawers of the freezer do not go all the way in. Same as above this is an ice build up issue which can be simply rectified.
  3. The fridge compartment is freezing the vegetables in the drawer and is not cooling enough near the top of the fridge. Temperature fluctuations are related to the fridge's temperature sensors which is easily fixed by a knowledgeable technician. 
These are a few issues you might experience with this brand. 
However what makes this fridge best in its category, is the warranty coverage. Blomberg has a 1 year parts and labor warranty, 2nd year parts only warranty and the cherry on top is the 5 year sealed system warranty. In the event that the fridge does not cool or freeze any longer within 5 years of ownership, then the fridge will be replaced with a new appliance, courtesy of Blomberg.